2003 12 08

Base | Rant


Is there truly no depth towards which the media will not dig?

If I hadn't already cancelled the subscription to my newspaper, I would have done so this morning.

Other than a relentless buildup ever since we got that paper of news that I can only assume is worthy to people who are not aware of streets other than the one they live in, the entire front page was dedicated to the apparently miraculous birth of yet another member of the Dutch Royal Family. (for those who are in the fortunate circumstances to not have been subjected to any reports to this end: Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxma got a baby girl around 17:00 on Sunday)

I would like to point out that dedicating an entire front page is what any serious newspaper only does in cases of war obviously starting for the country in question, or otherwise national disasters on Pompeijan scale. Not--I would seriously have thought--for the birth of a child. (which, however miraculous it is for the parents and immediate participants, happens thousands of times every single day)

Actually, the driving force for this rant started on the apparently special day itself, with regular Sunday shows being interrupted for live news bulletins (I kid you not) reporting that the Princess had been taken to hospital, dead obviously to give birth. This is a message that one could possible deliver in well under 30 seconds and have time to spare.

Trust the Dutch television (all channels, not one even trying to be sane or even civil about it) to fill the rest of the 30 minute interruption of otherwise perfectly adequate programming with mindless drivel, with the reporter in the freezing cold speculating on whether or not there would be a caesarian involved.

I hereby declare to be utterly ashamed to belong to a nation where this is deemed news worthy of national attention.

Actually, if it weren't for Buffy, ER and DVD, I would sell my TV to the first idiot who would be willing to take it of my hands.

2003 12 01



New mobile

Since my previous mobile did not actually belong to me, but to my previous employer, I was in need of a new one. Having suffered from having to use the corporately dictated Philips Fisio 620 for the last 12 months, I figured I could do with some more stylish gear, such as this.

This also means I have a new mobile number. Email me if I haven't told you about it already.