2004 06 04

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More interesting than funny

Dr.Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation (Olivia Judson)

Dr.Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation (Olivia Judson) - cover

When we were on holiday in the South of France in 2002, one of the people in our party was reading this book; the hard cover edition even. On a fairly regular basis, he would laugh out loud and--by way of explanation--read aloud a small passage of this book. I remember it being much funnier then than it was reading the whole thing myself.

The blurb on the cover, as well as some reviews I read all say this book is wildly funny and entertaining. Funny to people who rarely get out of their stuffy laboratories, maybe, but not to me.

Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed reading the book, but much more because of the interesting subject matter (which a lot less raunchy if you will just get over your sexually inhibited self for two minutes), which is in itself presented in a very readable format.

Mrs. Judson deserves credit for this work. Not for being more than lightfooted with words, but for making a subject matter that is (despite the best juvenile intentions) on par with paleontology for entertainment value into a book that will be read by non-scientists, and read with interest.