2004 06 21

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Britt's 1st birthday

Today, our daughter has her first birthday.

We actually celebrated it yesterday, because Sundays are just that much easier for family visits. For the both of us it was the first children's birthday party, although my wife has all the more professional experience.

Britt had a blast: all that attention and all those packages to unwrap; she must have been unwrapping for an hour straight, after which she moved on to discarding the toys and playing with the wrapping paper. That's kids for you...

We made a good call on giving (almost) all guests the same item off the wich list: megabloks: they're a sort of Duplo, with, similar to Lego several more or less compatible product lines for older children.

We bought a big box (~200 pieces) of the stuff some weeks back and having visited the web site, we decided that this would be the only item on her birthday wish list. Result: a whole crate of the stuff, with only one double set (which can go to Gran's house, since there will need to be toys there as well).

As a parent concerned with my child's development, I'm plenty happy. Lucky for us: so is Britt.