2005 11 07

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Although I normally eschew self-reflection in the form of commenting on one's own posting frequency, the most recent hiatus deserves mentioning, if only because of the sheer amount of time that has gone by since the last time this blog was updated.

Rather than commenting on what happened during this time and/or why I have never gotten around to properly reporting it to the world at large, here is a preview of what is to come shortly:

  • Over the years, I have written a fairly decent number of shell scripts, showing off both skill (or determination to abuse a blunt tool--take your pick) and quite likely some bad habits in shell programming. I decided that I might do the world a service by putting my code online and turning the whole library into a tutorial.
  • On a parallel track, but no less obsessively executed, I have developed an intricate system of so-called 'Smart playlists' in iTunes, to achieve just exactly the right amount of randomness in songs played on autopilot, whilst taking into acount some real-life factors that plague my listening style. I ought to do the world a similar service with respect to that (almost Baroque) system of mine and tutorialise the lot.
  • In a freak combination of the above skills, plus a rather overdeveloped passion for Mac OS X, I have recently completed a working rough prototype of a shell script collection that feeds my iPod with Podcasts, exactly the way I want them. The iPodder family of products, fine as they are, just doesn't cut it for my particular wishes. The details of my setup might be of interest to other people with a similar skill set and/or sick preferences. Stay (i)tuned...
  • Who knows, one of these days, I might actually convince someone of the rather pressing need to inform me of a color scheme that doesn't annoy the hell out of the artistically sensitive. Until that time, I duly apologise for the design of this site. It is always and ever bound to demonstrate the fact that although I can put together just about anything eventually, I am stuck with the creative abilities of a tree stump.