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All about my career, be it paid employment, further advancing my skillset or any personal or private enterprises: if it serves a purpose in providing income, it belongs in this category.

2004 09 02

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Starting a new job

After much searching (some of which for soul), I have stumbled upon a position that might suit me. After a very quickly arranged interview, some weeks later I was offered the position.

I will start a traineeship to become (over a period of six months) a management consultant, assisting clients with applying for subsidies provided by the Dutch government.

The job sounds like it will fit my profile very well: it requires a broad, yet deep insight in all matters IT, combined with strong analytical skills to pick the eligible projects out of a clients entire operation and rounded off with an ability to write convincing (technical) documentation to argue the eligibility with the appropriate organisation.

If nothing else, it very easily beats sitting at home wondering how the mortgage is going to get paid 5 months from now. At best, this is the turn in the road that my career has desperately needed for much longer than the latest spell of not working.

2003 11 25

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Compufficient is now a registered company

Audrey drove me to the local Chamber of Commerce for me to register my new company. Filling out the details with the lady there was quick and easy enough (I knew what to expect in terms of administration, which helped) so about 20 minutes later I became the proud owner of a one-man company: Compufficient.

The business I intend to get is to provide consulting and training with regards to efficient use of computers. The target audience is mainly small businesses (that can't afford permanent IT specialists on staff) in the high-value services sector, where knowledge of IT is not inherent to the line of business.

Examples would be the legal profession, real estate agents, recruitment agencies and many types of consultancy.

Much more work to do, about which I am bound to write here more often, but for now I am just enjoying the feeling that I am officially my own boss as of today.

2003 10 26

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My own business

Up until now, I have been looking for new employment. I had several leads, that all petered out (no pun intended) in one way or another, barring the one that actually seemed liked the best job between the few of them.

Just now, I found out that that position has been put on hold for yet another time, putting the time I have been holding out for it at a good six weeks.

I had said before (publicly since last week or so) that I would wait for the further outcome of this particular lead before deciding to let go of paid employment as the next option and instead concentrate on setting up a (one man) business of my own.

Not known for backtracking on my own statements, I have now made this decision: barring practical issues (such as the idea I am working on not being even remotely good enough to provide adequate income for my family) I will shortly be setting up my own business.